Here are some genuine pointers that will help increase your chances of winning when you hit the casino

Target Smaller Jackpots

Smaller jackpots tend to have a relatively higher chance of winning compared to the big ones. The variance is lower, which is what you should consider before risking too much money.

Make Smaller Bets

It's also a good idea to make multiple smaller bets instead of one large bet if you want to gamble for awhile. This will help you stretch out the total amount you wish to spend and increase your chances of winning from one of your bets. By placing one large bet, as much as you stand a chance to win big if you lose, the loss is equally big and will end your gambling spree in a flash. Smaller bets have smaller wins, but they offer multiple tries and maintain a balance in your current gaming bankroll to keep you playing longer. It's easy to get carried away with the prospect of making more money in a larger bet, but when you look at the bigger picture, you reduce the risk of losing money by playing more wagers of smaller amounts.

Understand the Terms and Conditions

Do not make any assumptions in any game. It's important to understand the rules so you know what to expect while playing. In some instances, you might score what appears as a win, but you miss out on the money because of a small mistake—for example, not playing a predetermined maximum amount, which renders the apparent win null and void. Be on the lookout for any placards, posters, or written material around the gambling table or slot machine to gather relevant information.

Practice with Free Games

Try out a few free games before you put out your money in a live game and see how it goes. Doing this is particularly useful for beginners as it gives a clear mental picture of what might happen once you get to an actual game with money on the table. You can find free table games and slot machines online. Some of the online games are even linked to real casinos, so you can earn actual comps when you're playing. 

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